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​​​​"When you've invested more than four decades of your life to your hometown, it shows that you care." 

Making Apex better for you

"We should be known as

'The Peak of Great Living!'"

Lance Olive

My name is Lance Olive, and I've spent my life investing in Apex. I learned the core values of Apex growing up here, visiting the downtown businesses and volunteering. And we can make Apex even better than it is. Despite what the doubters say, I know that it is​ possible to manage growth while not losing the small town charm.

I'm committed to making Apex better for you -- a place that we become even more proud to call "our town." I share your interests in making this a safe and fun place to live, play and work. When one invests more than four decades into one's hometown, as I have done, it demonstrates true caring.

As mayor of Apex I will lead with a vision, establish objectives for the town, align the existing plans and ensure the best execution to that plan. We should be known as 'The Peak of Great Living!" That takes vision and leadership. 

Please read through my site here. If you share my vision or have any questions, connect with me and let's make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference -- for our families, our neighbors, and our town.